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Baby Food Container Reviews and Advise

For many of us it may be a daunting idea to imagine preparing healthy homemade purees and meal prepping for babies. It really is doable though and well worth the effort as firstly new parents will know exactly what goes into their baby’s food – no need to worry about additives, preservatives and who knows what else that is in store bought meals. Secondly, it is much, much cheaper. In our personal experience it only requires an efficient blender and baby size meal storage containers to start making and storing homemade, healthy baby food.

Below we have ranked the best baby food storage containers by size. We have only taken into consideration baby food storage containers that are BPA and toxin free as we want nothing but healthy, safe things for your and our own babies!


Baby Food Freezer Trays – 3/4 oz – 1.5 oz





OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray with Protective Cover, 1 oz  $ 4.4 / 5
 Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray with Clip-on Lid by WeeSprout, 1.5 oz  $$ 4.8 / 5
Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit, Baby Food Freezer Storage Trays, 1 oz $$$ 4.4 / 5
Kid Simple Solids Starter Kit, comparable to Mumi&bubi, 1 oz $$ 3.8 / 5
Silicone Food Storage Container Tray for Baby, 2.5oz, 2 pack $ 4.7 / 5


These trays are very handy for freezing baby food and one 1 oz cube as a serving size is perfect for introducing solids to your baby. A regular ice cube tray would work just as well but these here we recommend because each one comes with a lid to protect the food. It is easy enough to pop out however many servings you need, or I used to pop all out few days after I had frozen them and store the cubes in bigger freezer containers or just plastic freezer bags. This way the trays were available again for a new batch of homemade baby food. Please read on for detailed reviews:

OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray

OXO makes quality meal prep containers and OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray is no exception. It is sturdy, BPA free and will make baby food meal prepping a breeze. The tray comes with a protective lid which slides on/off the tray easily. It is easy to pop a baby food cube out by pushing on either end of the cube so that the cube sort of slides up and out. If you want to pop all cubes out at once, it is easy after letting the tray sit on the counter for a few minutes and then by holding the tray with both hands, twisting your hands to opposite directions. This motion will pop the cubes out so that they can be stored in another container or thawed.

WeeSprout Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray

This versatile, highly rated food-grade WeeSprout Silicone Tray also comes with clip-on lid. Both the tray and the lid are BPA and toxin free and can be washed in the dishwasher. One cube can hold up to 1.5 oz but 1 oz has been marked so that a smaller serving size can be made. A handy plus about this WeeSprout tray is that after it is no longer needed for baby food storage it can be used for baking (microwave and oven safe up to 425 F) or as a mold for example for homemade popsicles – yum!. The tray also has lifetime warranty, which is beyond awesome! In our household this tray gets six stars!

Mumi&Bubi Baby Solids Starter Kit, Food Freezer Storage Tray

This Mumi&Bubi tray set is one of the perfect beginner ones to get started on the journey of preparing homemade baby food. It  is a pack of two trays+lids with total capacity of 42 one oz cubes. Safety has been thought of with BPA and toxin free product. A handy bonus is the e-guide that is included which gives details on 27 handy recipes. It doesn’t get easier than this! Naturally after the trays are not needed for baby food anymore, they can be re-purposed to ice trays, freezing fresh herbs in olive oil (are you doing this yet? If not, you should as it will bring your meal prepping to a whole new level!) and so on.

Kid Simple Solids Starter Kit

The Kid Simple Solids Starter Kit is advertised as very similar to the above Mumi&Bubi starter set at a lower price point. This set gets 3.8 out of 5 starts so it is still quite highly rated by buyers and for the price and capacity, it is definitely recommended by us as a handy starter kit for homemade baby food prepping. Included in the set are two trays with lids to protect your baby’s food and the trays hold 42 cubes in total.

Suntake Silicone Food Storage Containers for Baby & Toddler – 2 Pack

For those of us who are needing baby food freezer trays that hold a bit more food, this Suntake Silicone Food Storage Container Tray is the set! Great value for money in our opinion as this food grade silicone tray is a set of 2 trays+lids with 2.5 oz capacity per cube. As we’ve mentioned above, a definite plus to a silicone tray is all the possibilities in which you can re-use the trays after you no longer need them for baby food prepping.

Handy Tip! As with everything, some users of each and every one of the above baby food trays we wholeheartedly recommend have received negative comments and experiences. These baby food storage trays can definitely crack if bent too hard right after removing the tray from the freezer – we feel that this is the case with any tray or container straight out of the freezer! Thus we recommend to leave the tray sitting on the counter for a few minutes before trying to remove the cubes.


Baby Food Containers – 2 oz





Greenco Mini Food Storage Containers, 2.3 oz Each, 20 count  $ 3.7 / 5
OXO Tot Baby Blocks Storage Containers, 2-Ounce, Set of 12  $$ 4.5 / 5
   Baby Food Containers: Reusable Stackable Freezer Safe Storage Cups w/ Tray & Dry-erase Marker, Set of 12 – 2oz  $ 4.2 / 5
   Glass Baby Food Jars 4 pack, 2oz  $ 3.3 / 5
   Nakpunar Mason Glass Jars, Baby Food Container, 2 oz  $$ 4.7 / 5

 Greenco Mini Food Storage Containers

These little Greenco Mini Food Storage Containers have been used and re-used around our house and against all odds, they are holding really well. Huge value for money in our opinion in this set. Each container is 2.3 oz which is perfect for a serving size for a young baby. In addition to being handy for baby food storage, they are also perfect for storing condiments or portion controlling for example granola. (Handy Tip! I personally love granola and could eat it out of the box morning and night – I try not to though – and I succeed at it by putting a tablespoon of flax seed and a tablespoon of granola into a Greenco container and adding it to yogurt or cereal all the while keeping my portions in check in this way!)

OXO Tot Baby Blocks Storage Containers

OXO makes wonderful baby products – if you don’t already have experience with them, we wholeheartedly recommend them. OXO Tot Baby Blocks Storage Containers at 12 x 2 oz is a set that is a great value for money in our opinion and will give you a great baby food storage container package to start your baby food prep routines. The serving size of 2 oz is perfect for a baby that has a few months of solids under their belt. OXO containers are made from strong and long-lasting plastic.

Little Sprout Baby Food Storage Containers

This is an awesome set of 12 containers by Little Sprout and each container holds a handy 2 oz of baby food. What makes this set stand out in our opinion in both value for money and overall handiness is that the containers lock to each other and the tray, which keeps your homemade baby food organized in both the freezer and in the fridge. I personally would give this set 6 stars!

Sprout Cup Glass Baby Food Jars

For those of you out there who prefer glass food storage containers, please know that there are plenty of options also in the baby food storage area. This Sprout Cup glass jar set is a pack of 4, 2oz baby food storage containers and included is a tray to keep the containers straight. While the cost of glass food storage containers is higher than their plastic counter parts, the benefits include for example durability and that glass does not get stained by some food items as plastic be.

Nakpunar Mason Glass Jar Baby Food Container Set

Another good example of a glass baby food storage container set that is perfect size for baby food storage is this  Nakpunar Mason Glass Jars set. Each container is 2 oz and the set contains 6 of them. Nakpunar has several options for lid color, which is awesome in our opinion! They also have several sizes available, which is handy when your baby is ready for bigger portions. Naturally, when the containers are no longer needed for baby food storage, they can hold a variety of portion controlled food, snacks and meals-on-the-go.


Baby Food Containers – 4oz





Sage Spoonfuls Big Batch Storage Set, 4 oz (Pack of 12)  $$ 4.3 / 5
OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers, Aqua 4 oz $ 4.6 / 5
 Elacra Baby Food Storage Freezer Small Plastic Containers – 10-Piece 3.4 oz  $ 4.6 / 5
  Wean Green Glass Baby Food Storage Containers, 4 oz  $$ 4.6 / 5

When your baby is an experienced solids-eater and his/her appetite keeps on growing, it will make your life easier to invest in baby food storage containers that are a little bit bigger in size. A 4 oz container should hold about 2-4 cubes of puree which is great for example if you a mixing up flavor combos. Our favorite plastic and glass baby food storage containers below, please keep on reading:

Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Storage Set

When you baby is ready for bigger portions, it is handy to have baby food storage containers that hold more. In our opinion this Sage Spoonfuls Big Batch Storage set is great value for money as it comes with 12 4 oz containers. Also a great feature of this set is the 60 labels that are included for marking which container holds which meal.

OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Container Set

This is OXO’s highly rated and favored answer to the 4 oz size category and we could not be happier with these OXO Freezer Storage Containers. An added plus is the tray that comes with the set as it keeps the containers in place in the freezer or fridge and allows sets to be stacked.

Elacra Baby Food Storage Freezer Small Plastic Containers

These Elacra Baby Food Storage containers are the perfect size for baby food meal prepping at 3.4 oz each. The definite pros are the price point of this 10-container set, they are made of sturdy plastic and the lids seal tightly. Many buyers mentioned the various different uses these containers can have apart from storing baby food – we love that as it’s great to have multiple-use container sets.

GlassLock Wean Green Glass Baby Food Storage Containers

There are plenty of options also in the 4 oz category for those of you who prefer glass baby food storage containers. We like the Wean Green Containers because, well, they have bright and colorful lids! Also, they hold up really well even with the occasional drops and bangs. The size is perfect for baby food meal prepping, packing up snacks and the likes and it is also handy to know that they have other container sizes available.


Baby Food Container Combination Sets – 2oz & 4oz





OXO Tot 12-Piece Baby Blocks Set  $$ 4.5 / 5
 Glass Baby Food Storage Containers, 4oz and 8oz  $$$ 4.2 / 5
   Wean Green Glass Baby Food Storage Containers Starter Set, 12 pieces  $$ 4.5 / 5

OXO Tot 12-Piece Baby Blocks Set

As we’ve mentioned, we like OXO as they make quality storage containers. This OXO Tot 12-Piece Baby Blocks Set is a great one when your baby is a little bit older and can eat bigger portions as the set comes with 6 x 2 oz containers, 4 x 4 oz containers, and 2 trays for the containers. With multiple sizes of containers it is easy to meal prep baby food for example for daycare and have storage for baby size meals and snacks.

Jervis & George Glass Baby Food Storage Container Set

This colorful Glass Baby Food Storage Containers set comes with a combo of 4 oz and 8 oz baby food storage containers, which are great portion sizes for older babies and toddlers. There are 4 x 4 oz and 2 x 8 oz containers in the set and quite uniquely the lids are screw on lids, which is different from most baby food storage containers. Another great thing about Jervis & George is that the set has lifetime guarantee! We wholeheartedly recommend this set for it’s price point and

Wean Green Glass Baby Food Storage Container Set

If you are looking for a glass baby food storage set which has a combination of sizes, look no further. This Wean Green Glass Baby Food Storage Containers Starter set has 3 different sizes of containers, 4 oz cube, 5.1 oz tub and a 6 oz bowl, which is helpful with a growing baby. The glass is sturdy and the containers can be washed in the dishwasher, warmed up in the microwave and frozen. We highly recommend this set!


There are definitely a lot of choices for baby food storage containers just as there are for bigger-kid and adult-size meal prep containers. The above products we have recommended have worked in my family and I am confident that which ever one you select, you will be glad you did! Please give preparing homemade food for you baby a try – it is hands down 100% worth the effort – and it’s really not that big of an effort. If you are like me and would like to have a recipe book for baby food, The Big Book of Organic Baby Food: Baby Purées, Finger Foods, and Toddler Meals For Every Stage is a winner!!